News - November 22, 2018

YOU on campus: ‘We make several kinds of beer with our home-grown hops’

Anne van der Heijden

The trees on campus are slowly shedding their leaves. Outside the Forum, a few past students are savouring the weak autumn sunshine. One of them is Tim van den Lienden (22), who is killing time before going to a meeting with his fellow beer brewers.

Foto Anne van der Heijden

‘At the beginning of this year I joined Wageningen Student farm, a small group of people who run a vegetable garden on a plot of land near Dijkgraaf. And I joined the beer brewers there too. We make several kinds of beer with our home-grown hops.’ Gardening and brewing are new hobbies for Tim. ‘I’ve never had a vegetable garden, but it’s nice to work with your hands. Now I’m a bit further into my degree programme, I was ready to try something new. WSF suits me fine, it is a very welcoming organization with a lot of different kinds of students in it.’

We make several kinds of beer with our home-grown hops

Tim belongs to Biologica study association as well. Before he became actively involved in WSF, he spent time organizing weekends and a two-week trip for Biologica. ‘I only organized fun things; I love travelling. That is actually why I like my subject so much: marine biology. I like swimming, travelling and animals, and in marine biology all three come together.’

Right from the first years of secondary school, Tim knew he wanted to study marine biology, and his father encouraged him. ‘He said, “Do what makes you happy”. He also gave me my first snorkelling set.’ Now Tim wants to go a bit deeper under water. ‘I am saving up to get my diving qualification. I want to do it in the Netherlands; that’s the quickest option for me.’

For his studies, Tim swapped vibrant Nijmegen for Wageningen. He doesn’t regret it. ‘There is not as much night life here, but I like the atmosphere. It’s a bit cosier, and a bit more focussed. I meet up with friends and I walk, swim and read. In fact, I do whatever I feel like doing.’ And nowadays, that includes raking, weeding, harvesting and brewing.