Student - August 31, 2017

YOU on campus - AID experiences

Imke Reith (21) has experienced the AID in three different ways: first as a new student, then as a mentor mum, and now as a crew member. And in this academic year she will add yet another dimension, preparing the introduction period of 2018 as an AID board member. ‘It is fantastic to create something big like that together’

As AID participants get together for a barbecue, the crew are still hard at it. They can be recognized by their bright green shirts, the portaphone on their belts and the roll of duct tape under their arms. Imke can find time to chat but she first has to set up a podium. After all the heaving, carrying and puzzling, the thing is finally up and she waves her arms triumphantly. ‘So, now I’ve earned a stroopwafel.’

Imke has just completed her BSc degree and is ready for a change. ‘I like variety. I don’t want to do yet another year of courses, but to do something practical for a change. I am doing so many different things now; I am learning a lot.’ Her next task is to crawl under the bridge between the Forum and Orion to lay a cable there. ‘Fun, isn’t it? You would never do anything like that otherwise.’

I don’t want to do yet another year of courses, but something practical

Imke is an experienced organizer: she has already served on the cooking committee and the sport committee at Ceres. ‘I really enjoy coordinating a team. Being at an event and knowing you have made it possible: that fills me with energy.’ She doesn’t seem to find the long days tiring. ‘As preparation for the AID board I am being timetabled as much as possible now as a crew member. We are usually done around midnight, and then it is time to relax and have a drink together.’

She loves getting to know so many people, especially her future fellow board members. ‘By working on the crew together, you quickly form ties. The perfect way to start our board year.’