Student - February 23, 2017

YOU on campus (8)

Annie Berendsen

On the first floor of the Forum are the ‘dens’ of many Wageningen study associations. Tycho Jongenelen can often be found in the office of Aktief Slip, the Environmental Sciences Study Association. ‘This is a second home to me.’

Tycho Jongenelen (21) is a second-year student of Environmental Sciences. Before he came to Wageningen, he was at Erasmus University College, but he realized that was not what he wanted. He found the range of courses too broad and ‘the people too enthusiastic’. So he looked for something else and ended up in Wageningen.

At the start of his first year, Tycho was still very actively involved in his theatre society in Rotterdam. He was director for a group of young children and he acted himself as well. This meant spending hours in the train every week. ‘I had to go up and down every Monday and Wednesday, and often at the weekend too.’ And that was also why he stopped with his theatrical activities and was open to new challenges. At that point he came across Aktief Slip, and was asked to serve on the board.  A surprise in some ways, but not in others. ‘Things always come my way in strange ways.’ Tycho felt honours. First he became secretary and later even chair of the study association.

His time as chair is nearly over now. A pity in some ways, but not in others. ‘Now I can do other useful things like watching Netflix. Oh, and studying!’

Tycho has got a lot out of these six months. ‘I feel very comfortable and at home at the university.’ And although he looks forward to having space for other activities, he has already let himself in for a new committee…