News - October 17, 2017

Workshop storytelling by Teacher of the Year

Linda van der Nat

Jessica Duncan, Teacher of the Year 2017, is hunting for storytellers. To facilitate this, she is organising an evening themed around beautiful stories on 24 November. A workshop is organised tonight, during which students can learn about the intricacies of storytelling.

© Guy Ackermans

According to Duncan, everyone has a story to tell, which means everyone is welcome at the workshop and the diversity storytelling nights. Especially anyone reading this who thinks they do not have a story to tell, or that their stories do not matter.

To organise her ‘Diversity Chronicles’, Duncan is using the money she was awarded upon receiving the Teacher of the Year award. Back in April, she had already said that she wanted to use the prizemoney to highlight the stories of students who lack the confidence or skills to tell them.

Next generation
She hopes that the workshop and storytelling nights will teach the next generation of scientists how to be good storytellers and that it will start a dialogue about diversity on campus. ‘As lecturers, we can use these stories to make our courses more inclusive, to make everyone’s voice heard.’

During the – free – workshop, Duncan will collaborate with Emma Holmes, WUR alumnus and communications expert. Together, they will help the students find their stories, learn to craft their stories, and finally to find the confidence and courage to tell them too.

Fifteen students have already registered for the workshop, for which there are twenty spots available. Further information is available on Duncan’s blog.

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