Student - January 22, 2016

Winter AID has attained mentors

Linda van der Nat

Before the Christmas holiday IxESN already had enough buddy mentors to welcome the new group of international students. In comparison with previous years this is ‘enormously quick’.

Each year it is difficult for the international student organization IxESN to find enough Dutch students that want to mentor the new exchange and Erasmus students in their new city. For Nikolaas Tikin-Franssens, buddy coordinator of IxESN, this was a reason to start campaigning in November.

Thanks to addressing existing contacts, distributing flyers and an appeal in the Resource the IxESN was able to recruit 39 mentors within five weeks. ‘In comparison to previous years this was enormously quick’, says Nikolaas. ‘We did not even have to do any extra promotion stunts.’

Registration for the Winter AID is still open, but the participating number of students is currently estimated at 200. Of this the majority are exchange and Erasmus students.

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