Student - January 13, 2016

Who will name the WEpods?

Roelof Kleis

The WEpod is driving careful laps on campus almost daily. Whoever comes up with a fitting name for the vehicle will win a ride with it in two weeks.

The ride will happen in two weeks, on Thursday 28th of January. On that day minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen will take a test drive on campus. The minister will come to personally be informed on the Gelders experiment on driving without a driver. This is thus possible in a vehicle with your invented name printed on the outside. Each student, employee of Wageningen or anyone else living in Wageningen or Ede, working or studying, is allowed to participate.

According to the organization the name should satisfy several criteria. The name should relate to mobility or innovation, should suit the FoodValley region, should be internationally applicable (but it may also be in Dutch) and is not allowed to be offensive. There are two WEpods thus they are searching for two names. The WEpods are driving laps on the campus between 14.00 – 16.00. The name should be submitted before the 26th of January to

During the visit of the minister several parts of Wageningen UR will show what they have in the field of robotics. For example the chair group Farm Technology will show two robots and a drone. Also Glastuinbouw, Food & Biobased Research and the Laboratory for Geo information and Remote Sensing are present. The presentations will take place in Zodiac.

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  • Arianne

    Moby & Dick (al zal die laatste er niet door komen vanwege de betekenis in het Engels)

  • Tinka Murk

    Van hot naar her

    (Als een koetsier vroeger wilde dat zijn paard naar links ging zei hij her of haar, hot betekende 'naar rechts'. Van hot naar haar/her betekent dus eigenlijk 'van rechts naar links', en kreeg later de figuurlijke betekenis 'overal heen'.)

  • Patrick

    R2 en D2

  • Fret

    Hans en Grietje

  • Roelof Kleis

    Al of niet serieus bedoelde inzendingen: graag ook naar

  • Wieger

    Knabbel en Babbel

  • Hans

    De SRV-wagen (self riding vehicle)

  • Cees Kwint

    Blind Car

  • GB


    putting the relation between the passengers and WEpods central; the puppets in the vehicle (and I guess also the WEpods) look all very similar but perhaps there is still hidden diversity/innovation about to become obvious
    and in general we need a level of similarity and of difference to move forward in a constructive way

  • Ralph

    jip en janneke