News - March 29, 2018

Which WUR team is the most sustainable?

Kenneth van Zijl

Wageningen University & Research could become even more sustainable, believes Green Office Wageningen. So the group launched the Green Impact Challenge this week. The idea is that WUR teams decide together who is the most environmentally friendly.

© Sven Menschel

Competing to be greener, that’s the crux of it. Green Office says it is all about relatively simple acts such as switching off the computer when you leave work, printing on both sides of the page, carpooling, and turning down the air extractors in laboratories. Practical steps towards reducing waste and energy consumption, and making our footprint smaller.

The challenge was launched on Tuesday 27 March in a classroom in the Forum. ‘WUR is the most sustainable university in the world, according to the UI GreenMetric World University Ranking,’ said Green Office manager Linde Berg at the event. ‘But instead of priding ourselves on that first place, we should see it as a challenge to do even better.’ The Green Office has developed a Green Impact Toolkit. This is an online form that provides an action plan. Staff and students who form a team can set themselves certain goals. The bigger the effect a goal has on sustainability, the more points it can win them.

The Green Impact Toolkit will be made available on the WUR intranet this week. On Sustainability Day on 10 October, bronze, silver and gold medals will be awarded to the winning WUR teams.

4000 teams
Green Impact started in the UK 12 years ago. By now 476 organizations and over 4000 participating teams around the world have taken up the challenge. Between them, they have started a total of 320,000 initiatives to boost sustainability.

Teams wishing to take part in the Green Impact Challenge can contact