News - March 9, 2006

What’s on

Lonneke Holla, designer of the posters for ISOW parties currently has an exhibition of her work at Flex-Expo, Plantsoen 200 in Wageningen. The exhibition continues until 19 March, and is open on Fridays and Sundays from 14.00 to 17.00, and Saturdays 11.00 to 17.00.

Thursday 9/3
>Junushoff (20.30) Guitar concert by Australian Tommy Emmanuel.
>Unitas (21.00) Double concert with Gem and Snatchin’ Jenny.
>International Club (23.00) Late Night Club Party with DJs Yoli and Felipe.
>Unitas (23.00) Vitamin U.

Saturday 11/3
>De Bongerd Sports Centre (9.00-13.00) Indonesian Fun Sport Day.
>Villa Bloem (14.00) DJ Superwolf plays Indie pop and sixties garage music.
>De Wilde Wereld (20.00) Duo NIHZ with a programme that includes music, humour, theatre and emotion.
>Unitas (21.00) Magnetic with DJ Nulvijftig.
>Algemene Barak Droef (22.00) BLiNg-BLiNg Party, with the best of R’n’B and hiphop. Dresscode: ghetto, bling and hot. Drinks low price.
>Unitas (23.00) ISOW disco party.

Sunday 12/3
>Hotel de Wageningse Berg (14.30) The Royal Dutch Jazz Band.
>Café XL (15.30) Blues concert with The Rhythm Chiefs.
Café de Zaaier (16.00) Concert: Iggy Murphy & His Fabulous Organ.

Monday 13/3
>Aula (20.00) Chamber music concert with work by Schumann, Britten and Paganini.

Thursday 16/3
>Junushoff (20.30) Panu atu, concert with Moluccan singer Monica Akihary and her group Boi Akih, combining musical styles from India, Africa and the Moluccas.
>Unitas (21.30) Concert with Relax.
>International Club (23.00) Late Night Club Party with DJs Yoli and Felipe.