Student - May 18, 2016

Website student party CSF hacked

Rob Ramaker

The website of the student party CSF was hacked; their own pages were substituted by a message of the offender. Unfortunate timing as the student council elections will start on 23 May.

Image: a screenshot of the message that was placed on the CSF site.

It is a typical example of defacement, says Raoul Vernéde, security manager at the IT department. The original content is replaced or you are redirected to a different page. Sometimes this concerns activism, but often this is simply cyber vandalism. ‘It is possible if you know the password or if you can get on the server.’ It is usually not dangerous, although hacked sites could be used to infect computers.

Wageningen UR also hosts many sites. Since two years all the servers are scanned, says Vernède. Soon he also wants to scan the web application. Such a hack is annoying if you have an informative website. It becomes more severe when it contains personal data. Since this year organizations have received more legal responsibility to protect personal digital information.

CSF shared on Facebook that they know about the hack and that they are working on a solution.

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  • Rob Ramaker

    De website is weer online. Iedereen kan weer veilig lezen over CSF.

  • Jan-Willem

    Alleen sites van belangrijke organisaties worden gehackt. Compliment voor CSF :p

    • Berend

      haha, +1