News - August 31, 2016

Waiting hours for a social security number

Brand new international students have come in big numbers to wait in line at the office of the county of Wageningen at Forum. The county has to give all of them a social security number, but it takes a very long time.

Fresh international students have to get a social security number or a Burger Service Nummer (BSN) from Wageningen to be able to study, work or get a room in Wageningen. But it's not easy to get one. Students are queuing up in long lines in front of the county office in Forum. The office only hands out 30 BSN-numbers a day. They work with a ticket system and to get one, you have to get up early to get in front of the line. The county office opens at half past 12 in the afternoon but Ince Iksan Kaimuddin was already waiting since 8 o'clock in the morning.

There's a sense of shame and anger at the Student Service Centre. They have reported the problem multiple times now at the county. Thus far to no avail, says Ingrid Hijman of the Student Service Centre.