News - October 8, 2015

Wageningen students are most mobile

Roelof Kleis

Wageningen students are most likely to go abroad for part of their degree, with as many as 52 percent doing a course module or internship in another country. That is more than for any other Dutch academic university.

Eindhoven (42 percent) and Maastricht (39 percent) are some way behind, according to the latest figures published by the education service centre Nuffic in the report Mapping Internationalization. This annual survey contains all the information on student flows in Dutch higher education.

Wageningen students are pretty mobile but students at some universities of applied sciences are even more international-minded. HAS Den Bosch (98 percent) and the Hotel School in The Hague (93 percent) beat the lot. They are followed by Vilentum (CAH/Stoas, 64 percent) and NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences (53 percent). When all academic universities and universities of applied sciences are combined, Wageningen is fifth.

Wageningen also does well in the opposite direction. Wageningen has the highest proportion of international students after Maastricht. At Maastricht, 47 percent of the students are from abroad, mainly Germany. In Wageningen, 21 percent come from over the border. However, that percentage has been falling in recent years, because the number of Dutch students is increasing faster than the number of foreign students.

In total, 62,653 foreigners are studying in the Netherlands this year, almost 9 percent of the total student population. Just over half of them are studying at an academic university, which means that an average of 13 percent of the students at these universities are international. As said, that percentage is a lot higher in Wageningen. This year, 9,315 Dutch students are studying abroad with a student grant or loan. Most of them (85 percent) are studying in Belgium.