Student - June 19, 2014

Wageningen student cookbook on the way

Roelof Kleis

A cookbook as an introduction to Wageningen student life. For Wageningen’s student recruiters, this is the latest weapon in the battle for students.

Susanne Laven of Corporate Communications and Marketing has used the social media to appeal to students for recipes. ‘It will be an international cookbook with a place for the good old Dutch stamppot,’ she says. She groups the recipes around typical situations in student life, such as eating together in big groups, making a quick meal for one, or needing to do well in an exam. Photos of these situations provide an idea of Wageningen student life. When the book is finished it will be on sale in the WUR shop and there will be an online platform where students can share recipes. But before that stage is reached, Laven has a lot of work to do to meet her deadline of 1 September. ‘That is still quite a job.’

What do you eat before your exam or sports match? Laven is still looking for an achiever’s dish. Don’t delay; it must be in by 24 June.