News - February 14, 2013

Wageningen no longer smallest uni

Growing university may overtake Eindhoven in 2013.

Year after year Wageningen University attracts more students and is catching up with TU Eindhoven.
For many years, Wageningen has been the smallest university in the Netherlands, but that is about to change. Through the fast growth in student numbers, Wageningen will probably overtake Eindhoven next academic year, suggest figures from the universities association VSNU.
This year Wageningen has 7488 students and Eindhoven 7762. In recent years the Wageningen student population has grown by an average of 460 a year, compared with 120 at Eindhoven. If the trend continues, next year the town with the smallest university will be the home of Philips.
The University of Amsterdam, with 29,783 students, remains the largest, just ahead of Utrecht University. Their numbers have been going down recently. The total number of university students in the Netherlands is 240,000. After years of growth, the number of academic university students went down this academic year by 4000.