News - February 26, 2015

Wageningen municipality against campus ring road

Roelof Kleis

Wageningen municipality doesn’t want the campus ring road. In a letter to the provincial authority, it says it prefers to widen and alter the existing roads.

The municipality has gone for this option as it enjoys wider  support. The campus ring road  has met with a lot of opposition in  the Noordwest district. The new  road would adjoin this residential  district. The expectation is that widening  the Mansholtlaan and Nijenoordallee  roads could be achieved  more quickly. The provincial authority  has its doubts about this solution,  mainly because of the limited  options for detours if there is only one route. Traffic would then come to a standstill if there is an incident. The campus ring road does include an alternative route, which would keep traffic moving.

The municipality  wants to work with the provincial authority and Wageningen UR on additional measures to safeguard  traffic flows. One such measure  could be occasionally allowing cars in the bus lane. Alternatives for the car and better utilization of the road  capacity are other options being explored.  Wageningen UR still sees access  from the north via Kielekampsteeg/ Bornsesteeg as a possibility.  Agreements on this have already  been made with the provincial authorities.  But the municipality says it  will only cooperate with this option  if the provincial authority drops the  campus ring road.