News - December 2, 2011

Wageningen comes top in course guide again

Surprise! Wageningen University comes top for science in the latest edition of the Dutch guide to Bachelor’s degree courses. It is the seventh time in a row that Wageningen tops the list of the best degree programmes.

Wageningen scores 72 of the possible 100 points. That is 3 points more than last year. In second place is the Technical University of Eindhoven, with 66 points. The lowest-scoring university is the University of Amsterdam, with only 52 points. The guide, the Keuzegids, considers contact hours, group sizes and student evaluations of course content, teachers and facilities.
As in previous years, the writers of the Keuzegids 2012 praise the small scale of Wageningen's 'green' University. Almost all the programmes at the university receive a very positive evaluation, and the success rate of the students is above average too.
The biggest winner is Agrotechnology, with an 'improbably high score' of   98 out of 100. This makes it the best degree programme in the guide. 'Even though passing this degree is definitely tough, the students are wildly enthusiastic about literally every aspect of the programme', say the authors. Last year this programme had the top score too, at 90 points.

Plant Sciences also did extremely well, with 90 points. 'According to students their team of teachers is top-notch, and on all other points they are very complimentary about their programme. But it is hard work, studying at Wageningen: the pass rate on some of the tougher courses is a bit lower than elsewhere.'

Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning was the lowest scoring of the Wageningen degree programmes. But the Wageningen programme still did better than comparable programmes in Amsterdam or Nijmegen.
These 17 Wageningen degree programmes come top in their subject category in the Keuzegids 2012:
98 Agrotechnology
90 Plant Sciences
86 Applied Communication Science
84 International Land and Water Management
82 Forest and Nature
80 Soil, Water and Atmosphere  
80 Molecular life sciences
78 Health and Society
78 Food Technology
78 Environmental Sciences
78 Nutrition and Health
76 Biotechnology
74 Animal Sciences
60 Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning