News - October 19, 2006

Wageningen clones beer

A Wageningen research laboratory is the first place in the world to clone beer. At least in the new Heineken beer commercial.

The ad shows members of the European Parliament arguing about what has happened to the 90 million euros set aside for research. Meanwhile in a Wageningen laboratory a researcher puts a bottle of beer into a machine and in a split second it produces two identical bottles. The researcher leaves the lab and goes to join a party where he ends up sharing the beers with two attractive female clones.

The brewery says the commercial shows its three core values: greatness, optimism and inventiveness. ‘We often use big institutes with the similar kind of image,’ says spokesman Norbert Cappetti. In our last commercial we had NASA landing a pathfinder on Mars. The idea behind the new ad was cloning beer, so we wanted to use the leading light in the Netherlands when it comes to research on cloning. That’s why we ended up with Wageningen.’

The spokesman for Wageningen UR, Simon Vink, describes it as a ‘nice ad’. ‘It’s nice that they used Wageningen. But we had nothing to do with the making of the commercial.