News - May 30, 2013

Wageningen as a stage

What? Site-specific theatre
When? 29 May - 8 June, 19.30
Where? Start at the big church, Markt 1, Wageningen
More information?

Site-specific theatre is all the rage in the Netherlands these days. An innovative musical based on the book Soldaat van Oranje moves the audience - stand and all - around the action. An open air performance of the opera Orpheus and Euridice was staged on the lake at Soestdijk palace. And now, in honour of its 750th anniversary, you can embark on a special expedition here in Wageningen. You shift on foot or by bus between eight iconic locations to watch performances at each. And this is not just a show for Wageningers; it is also by Wageningers, with about 400 amateur musicians, singers and actors taking part. Wageningen UR provides one of the stages too. There is a show about unexplored scientific fields that lie ahead, staged in the greenhouse at Unifarm. In the Forum Wageningen choir Toonkunstkoor sing about the endless search for the truth. And at Ceres student society the theme is - what else? - rituals. The most unusual act is put on at the Hoevestein student residence. Its balconies provide the stage for a show involving mathematical lines dancing to music. There is input from students too, of course, with student orchestra De Ontzetting performing on the fire escapes of a giant silo.
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