News - September 19, 2011

Wageningen aims for Ferris wheel record

A nice metaphor for the spinning earth: a Ferris wheel on which each passenger comes from a different country. That is the goal for Food4You: a highlight of the knowledge festival on 7 October. With almost 150 nationalities, Wageningen is expected to set a new record.

The Ferris wheel has been arranged and the interest of the press has been aroused. The only thing left is to organize the passengers from 144 different countries. They need to sign up over the next two weeks, says Mirjan Hommes, who is involved in the project on behalf of Wageningen UR. She says it should be possible to fill the Ferris wheel's 144 seats with passengers from 144 different countries. 'In Wageningen there are students and staff from about 150 different countries. Alexander Pechtold reckons there are even more nationalities here than in Amsterdam. So that makes Wageningen the ideal place for this attempt on the record.'

Attempt on the record? Well, yes, except that it is not clear whether a record exists, Mirjam reluctantly has to admit. And if so, what the current record is. 'But if there isn't a record yet, then we'll establish one now and make it a hard one to beat.'

So spread the word. What is needed? As many foreigners as possible to gather at the Junushof Café from 17.00h on Friday 7 October. The attempt on the record will take place at 19.00h. They should have their passports with them and can only take part if they are the first volunteer from their country. And what do they get in return? A free ride on the Ferris wheel and the chance to participate in a legendary record setting which will put Wageningen on the map, once and for all, as a cosmopolitan metropolis.