Organisation - March 11, 2015

Wageningen UR’s reputation stronger

Albert Sikkema

Wageningen UR’s global reputation improved last year, it appears from the World Reputation Rankings in the Times Higher Education
(THE) journal.

Each year, the British journal asks leading researchers around the  world which they consider to be the  top ten universities in their field of research. The THE received almost 10,000 replies, 16 percent of which  came from the United States, 11  percent from China, 7 percent  from Japan and 5.5 percent from  the UK and Russia. As always, Harvard  heads the list. 

Wageningen UR is comfortably  back in the reputation rankings’  top 100, in the shared rank of 61-  70. Last year, the university didn’t  make the top 100, but it had a shared 91-100th position in the two  previous years (2012 and 2013). Information  specialist Wouter Gerritsma  doesn’t have an explanation  for the sudden improvement,  which is based on researchers’ subjective  opinions.  There are five Dutch universities in the top 100: the University of Amsterdam, Delft (both ranked 51-60), Leiden (61-70) and Utrecht (71-80) plus Wageningen. The reputation  anking was presented on 11 March but the data were included in the overall THE ranking for  2015, which was published last October.  Wageningen is ranked 73rd  in this list.