Organisation - September 9, 2016

WUR talks for a wider audience

Rob Ramaker

This month sees the start of a series of monthly WUR talks: short talks for a broad audience, held on the Wageningen campus.

Photo: Sven Menschel

The event came out of an idea of Teacher of the Year Roel Dijksma’s. The hydrogeology teacher is using his prize money for two evening lectures on 28 and 29 September in Orion. The setup is similar to that of the well-known TED talks. WUR has taken the idea on board and will continue the series, starting with previous Teachers of the Year but welcoming other storytellers too, says Susanne Laven of Publicity and Recruitment.

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  • Ger Naber

    Zou graag aanwezig willen zijn op de lezing op 28 en 29 september. Waar en hoe laat worden ze gehouden

    • Susanne

      Meer informatie over de lezingen vind je hier: