Organisation - January 11, 2017

WUR starts special meetings for young alumni

Marijn Flipse

The Wageningen University Fund is going to invest more in young alumni. On Thursday, the very first ‘Young Alumni Event’ will be held in the main office of ABN AMRO in Amsterdam. The goal is to keep young alumni, who have graduated in the past five years, connected to Wageningen University.

‘Via-via we came into contact with ABN AMRO and now we can hold the meetings there. An attractive spot, of course. We have noticed that young alumni are interested in specific meetings such as these. The regularly scheduled meetings tend to draw an older audience. So now meetings just for this group,' explained event coordinator Tom van der Schaaf. ‘We want to make this group of young people enthusiastic about staying connected with the university.'

Thirty young alumni have registered, most of them from the Amsterdam area and some from Wageningen. 'We had hoped for 60 participants, so it's a bit disappointing. On the other hand, it's a success that we were able to get this number of alumni together at an event. A regularly scheduled alumni meeting fails to attract this many young people. If this works, then we're going to expand further,' van der Schaaf said.

During the event, professor Thomas Lands will talk about entrepreneurship. Participants will then be divided into teams to work on a business case, which will be evaluated by a jury. 'The best idea will be rewarded with - predictably enough - admission tickets to the ABN-AMRO tennis tournament in Rotterdam.’