News - December 19, 2019

WUR closer to target for women professors

Albert Sikkema

Women now account for over 21 per cent of Wageningen’s professors. But WUR will probably not achieve the target of 25 per cent in 2020.

©Jonne Seijdel

Last week, the Dutch Network of Women Professors once again published its monitor of female professors. This showed that women made up 23 per cent of the professors at Dutch universities in 2018. According to the monitor, the share in Wageningen remained stuck at 16.9 per cent in 2018.

Wageningen University itself has different, more positive figures on the number of women professors. The national network only counts chair holders whereas WUR also counts personal professors. In recent years, WUR has appointed a relatively large number of women to personal professorships. According to the HRM department, in 2018 20.2 per cent of WUR’s professors (including personal professors) were women.

HRM also has the figures for 2019. The share of female professors including personal professors increased this year to 21.4 per cent. If you exclude the personal professors, the figure for Wageningen is 19.5 per cent.

The trend is for the proportion of women professors to grow steadily by 1 to 1.5 percentage points a year. The Executive Board’s target is to have women making up 25 per cent of all professors (including personal professors) in 2020. Based on the trend in recent years, WUR is set to just miss that target.