News - February 24, 2016

Volleyball tournament with refugees

Last Monday, the players of the student volleyball association WaHo did not play against Agilitas or Switch ’87. That afternoon was focussed on playing volleyball with and against the refugees of the asylum seekers’ centre (azc) in Wageningen-Hoog.

Photo's: Guy Ackermans

The afternoon was an initiative of Jaap Löwenthal and Peter Kalverla, players from Heren 1, who wanted to organize a nice afternoon for the refugees. We succeeded, Jaap thinks: ‘It was a success, everyone was really enthusiastic. I saw a lot of smiling faces.’ About twenty refugees and twenty students came to the volleyball afternoon. ‘I found in special that almost all of them were in the same life stage as us. They are students, with plans for the future, only they are now in a really difficult situation.’

Volleballen met vluchtelingen. Foto: Guy Ackermans

WaHo had arranged two trainers to teach the refugees the techniques and the rules of the game, afterwards there was cake, baked by the students of WaHo. Both during and after the sport activity there was time to get to know each other. ‘Especially afterwards in the canteen, experiences were exchanged’, said Jaap. They mainly talked about football. Therefore, Jaap hopes that also other sport associations will follow this example. ‘If a game of football is organized I am sure that there will be a lot of people interested.’