News - February 3, 2005

VoIP users can call again

The SSHW tenants who had VoIP (internet phone) last year can finally use their phones again, if they have had them activated. A new provider started a prepaid calling system this week.

The internet telephone was introduced at the beginning of 2004 as an alternative to the shared corridor telephone, which had led to many problems. Last month, however, the whole system ground to a halt and phoning was impossible. The provider, Com4tel, will offer a new service and has taken over the current phones and numbers from the previous provider, Vocalis. The current users who have phones on loan can continue to use these, and will be able to call as soon as they have registered, according to a letter from Com4tel to the VoIP users. The new service will not use a monthly subscription rate; users will now have to buy their phones. At present they can only top up their credit with vouchers from the telephone shop Tell-Me. The system will also be available to new users soon. / JH