Student - September 5, 2019

Villa residents block students

Roelof Kleis

Residents in the select residential district of Wageningen-Hoog have used a ploy to prevent the rental of rooms to students. The council was surprised and annoyed when it heard.

©Roelof Kleis

The ploy is based on the fact that locals are able to request a permit to rent out rooms but then not use that permit. That prevents others in the same street from letting rooms. The new policy on rented accommodation states that only one in 20 homes in a street can be used for student lets.

Provincial newspaper De Gelderlander found out about the trick. Inquiries with the municipality have revealed that permits have been requested for 12 addresses in Wageningen-Hoog. Alderman Anne Janssen, who is responsible for housing policy, is not happy. ‘This is a new phenomenon in Wageningen. We see it as undesirable and are investigating what we can do to stop it.’

We see it as undesirable and are investigating what we can do to stop it
Alderman Anne Janssen of Wageningen

The alderman confirms that you do not have to use a permit once it is granted. The ploy is not restricted to Wageningen-Hoog: anyone in Wageningen who doesn’t want students in their street could take this approach. That is why the unused permit trick is potentially disastrous for the new policy on room rents that was adopted before the summer. Alderman Janssen acknowledges this.

Wageningen-Hoog tot ziens.jpg

Mark Reijerman of student party Connect Wageningen was also surprised at the news. ‘This is new to me. We know some people in Wageningen-Hoog are not happy about the possibility of rooms being rented out. It’s a smart trick, but a shame they are doing this. The first thing we will do after the holidays is raise this issue with the municipal executive.’