News - March 20, 2015

Video: Campus Run

Linda van der Nat

So there they were. All waiting for the longed-for starting shot. The weather had turned and the first day of spring had turned into a cold winter evening. But that did not stop the campusrun from being a great success.

About 200 students ran a circuit of 2.5 or 5 kilometres around the campus. The fastest man was Jan Droesen (16 minutes and 24 seconds) and the fastest woman was Laura Schumacher (20 minutes and 14 seconds). Athletics Association Tartlétos made use of the campusrun to spot undiscovered talent for the Batavieren Race in April. This year 7 men ran the 5 kilometers in under 17 minutes. Two of them were newcomers to Tartlétos and have now been recruited for ‘the Bata’. There was also a collection for KWF Cancer Research during the event, which raised 70 euros.

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