News - January 11, 2016

Victim of family drama in Zandhuizen was PhD student

Koen Guiking

The death of Marja Teekens, that was killed by her husband last weekend, had a large impact on her colleagues in Wageningen.

Teekens was a PhD student at the chair group Biobased Chemistry and Technology. She did this one day a week, besides her job as teacher in equestrian business administration at the Christian Agricultural College in Dronten.

‘YesterdayI received an email from Dronten’, her supervisor Johan Sanders shares. ‘The news hit hard.’ Only after the e-mail Sanders read about the family drama in Zandhuizen on several websites. This terrible news was about his PhD student. Teekens was killed by her husband. Afterwards, he committed suicide. They left two young kids behind.

Sanders describes Marja Teekens as a really friendly, intelligent and ambitious woman, who was easygoing and worked hard. Colleagues only know that her husband was home sick.

Teekens researched why bio refinery has not quite gotten off the ground. For this she held interviews with biomass producers and chemical companies. .