News - June 5, 2018

VeSte wins Student Council elections, seat distribution unchanged

Luuk Zegers

With seven seats, VeSte retains a large majority in the Student Council. S&I and CSF obtained three and two seats, respectively. As such, the distribution of the seats remains the same as in the past year.

The new Student Council with rector magnificus Arthur Mol. © Luuk Zegers

The results of the elections were announced by rector magnificus Arthur Mol at 12:30 on Tuesday. Almost 38% of the students voted – slightly less than last year, but still a very good turnout, according to Mol.

VeSte: results are ‘absolutely beautiful’
Sybren Zondervan, VeSte: ‘I find it absolutely beautiful that we were able to keep stable and that the turnout was so good. It’s great that we can move on with seven VeSte members. It’s a shame we just nearly missed that eighth seat for Judith Houwaart, but I’m happy with the results. I have gotten to know the other parties during the elections. They are very good people, and I have full confidence in that we will continue improving the university next year.’

S&I: eager to get to work
Joshua Wambugu, S&I: ‘I’m happy that we have three seats once more, but it’s a shame that our number four Frank Cornelisse just missed out, because he worked hard for it. I am eager to facilitate the integration of international students, reduce the amount of plastic on campus and combat stress among students. And to guarantee the quality of education, of course.’

Joshua Wambugu beside Arthur Mol. © Luuk Zegers

CSF: ‘very happy’ because ‘really close’
Robin Baas, CSF: ‘I’m truly happy with these two seats. Apparently, it was really close for that second seat, too. Very nice, also because Cito [Wakenge –Ed.] will be joining me on the council. It’s much more difficult when you’re alone, as you always have to collaborate with other parties. Together with another person, you stand stronger.’

Robin Baas being congratulated. © Luuk Zegers

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