Organisation - May 27, 2016

Van Dam opens Dairy Campus

Albert Sikkema

After a push of the button and a high five with an extremely young farmer the state secretary Martijn van Dam opened the Dairy Campus in Leeuwarden yesterday morning. ‘We need to distinct ourselves – with innovation.’

<Photo: Hoge Noorden>

Van Dam wants to learn from the Dairy Campus how you can stimulate your cows to go outside, because a cow in the field is part of the successful Dutch dairy export product, the state secretary thought. He was enthusiastic about the manure fermentation technique Aeromix, which makes bio-energy and reduce the emitted ammonia by half. He likes to see a nature-inclusive agriculture within which company systems of the dairy farmer maintain the meadow birds. To remain the leader, you need this type of information and innovation, was Van Dam’s opinion.

The 550 cows at the Dairy Campus do not only supply milk, but knowledge, multiple speakers noted during the opening. That is why the ‘ladies’ were also called ‘workers’. We need more buzz and new ideas’, the director Martin Scholten of Animal Sciences Group said to the four hundred guests from the sector. ‘We are searching for a new coherence between technology and nature’, board member Arthur Mol of Wageningen UR stated. ‘We need this experimental facility’, LTO director Kees Romijn thought.