News - January 26, 2012

VHL staff want to stay in Wageningen UR

Almost 400 staff members and about 20 students from the various VHL campuses converged on Zwolle on 18 January to discuss the ‘Inviting Prospect' with the directors and board.

 This memo expresses the ideas of the board and management team of VHL on what the applied sciences university aims to achieve by 2016 and how this can be realized in the context of Wageningen UR. They also sketch a number of scenarios that would be possible if VHL steps out of the relationship with ‘Wageningen'.

The discussion was followed by a poll among the staff to see how much support there was for the ‘Inviting Prospect'. Sixty percent of the staff voted for it and 38 percent against. They were also invited to write their conditions on their voting cards. These comments are now being collated and will be presented to the executive board early in February. The board wants to wait and see what comes out of this exercise before making any decisions about the collaboration between VHL and Wageningen UR.
If the board does see a future in keeping the collaboration with VHL going, the directors and MT will work out the conditions in detail. The results of this process will be presented to VHL staff and the executive board before the summer break. Another poll will be taken then, before making the final decision.