News - June 26, 2012

VHL directors want to remain in Wageningen UR

The directors and management team of Van Hall Larenstein want to remain within Wageningen UR. However, they feel that the executive board has not given them enough assurance to enable a successful implementation of their policy plan.

This statement is the response from the directors and MT to the employees' opinion poll held last week in Zwolle, in which 51 percent of the employees expressed a wish to remain within Wageningen UR and 46 percent wanted to break away.
'Based on the qualitative results of the poll and the sentiments expressed within the organization, we have come to the conclusion that most of those who cast a negative vote are still in favour of collaboration with Wageningen UR and accept the policy plan,'  say the directors and MT on the VHL intranet. 'We also conclude that it was in fact both the letter from the executive board and the board's response on 20 June which had prompted many to cast a negative vote.  We, the directors and the MT, are convinced that our policy plan can be implemented across the entire organization, provided that the executive board can agree to meet the proposed requirements.'
The VHL management submitted its recommendation to the executive board yesterday. The board will come up with a decision this week after considering this advice, says spokesperson Simon Vink.