News - July 8, 2015

Ultimate rescue attempt Tropical Greenhouse

Roelof Kleis

The Wageningen council wants to explore one last chance to maintain the Tropical Greenhouse on the Dreijen. That last option is residential group for the elderly.

That appeared last night at the final discussion of the plans with the greehouse in a tropical room in the Hof van Wageningen. The ultimate rescue attempt of the greenhouse was used by spokesman Fons Jaspers. He wants form a residential cluster with sixteen others in a number of houses and apartments with shared facilities around the greenhouse and the Herbarium. The greenhouse will in that group function as a central space.

The little idea was embraced by Groen Links and poured in an amendment that with the help of the VVD, PvdA and D66 reached the finish. To the surprise and restrained anger of fraction leader Rien Bor of the City Party. ‘The greenhouse is not an unique building and in a bad shape. Scientifically seen it never flourished. It was a toy of a tropical professor.’

Therewith the demolition of the greenhouse is formally still not a fact. Councilor Han ter Maat will now first discuss with the promoters the feasibility of the plan. If that leads to nothing, then the construction plan of developer Van den Brink from Ermelo will be carried out. The tropical greenhouse will be demolished for the benefit of 20-25 apartments on three floors for starters, two-person households or elderly.

The plan of Van den Brink is established in close consultation with local residents in response to an earlier design for that spot. In that previous design, the greenhouse would be preserved. But for that it required a large housing program of 80 student rooms. The neighborhood was fiercely opposed. The new plan is smaller, has no room for students and assumes demolition of the greenhouse.