Science - February 20, 2015

Two new nutrition professors appointed

Rob Ramaker

Ellen Kampman en Edith Feskens have been appointed as professors in the Human Nutrition department.

Both applied at the end of 2014 for the position as successor to Frans Kok, professor of Nutrition and Health, who is retiring. At the same time, Epidemiology professor Pieter van ‘t Veer decided to concentrate on nutrition and sustainability as a professor without a chair group. This meant that there was a group available for both Kampman and Feskens. The brand-new professors will not be continuing with the groups in their current form. Projects and employees will be divided into two new groups, each with its own focus. 

Kampman will be concentrating on nutrition and chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Feskens will be exploring nutrition and exercise, nutrition and aging, and malnutrition. Rector Magnificus Kropff sees this as setting a good example for future procedures. A ‘flexible and future-proof setup’ for chair groups is part of the new chair group plan.

Professors who work in a cluster, such as in Human Nutrition, have more freedom to shift their focus during their tenure. As well as a professor, Frans Kok was also the head of the Human Nutrition department. In the next few weeks, Education Institute director Tiny van Boekel will be investigating what should be done with this position as of June. This may mean an end to the current structure with one boss. But Van Boekel does not want to say anything yet before he has talked to the five nutrition professors.