Organisation - November 16, 2017

Two new Resource columnists

Edwin van Laar

Guido Camps and Vincent Oostvogels are Resource’s new columnists. Together, they are taking over from ex-PhD researcher Stijn van Gils, who has been baring his soul to us for the past two years.

Guido Camps (34) is a familiar face for many people. He is a vet, and is due to graduate soon from the department of Human Nutrition for MRI research on gastric emptying in humans. He keeps bees and has a soft spot for unusual animals. At home he takes care of his ‘much-loved’   tortoise Binky Poe. Guido is also chair of the WUR Council. He achieved national renown last year when he showed off his baking skills on the TV programme Heel Holland bakt.

Vincent Oostvogels (22) comes from Zundert in Brabant but has already lived in Wageningen for five years. He is in the second year of the MSc programmes in Forest and Nature Conservation, and Animal Sciences. What interests him is the delicate relationship between nature management and food production. Vincent is very involved in a project aiming at intensifying vanilla production on Madagascar and he relaxes by working in his own Wageningen vegetable garden.

Camps and Oostvogels will take it in turns to provide the column.