News - December 13, 2012

Time capsule

It arrived suddenly, but not unexpectedly; the disaster that wiped out mankind on the 21st of December 2012.

The destruction was swift, almost merciful, and engulfed everything humankind had built, installed, or changed on earth. Did this remove all traces of this curious race? No! A small time capsule is floating through space, filled by students from Wageningen who were asked to contribute an object that was typical of Wageningen. Humanity's final legacy, waiting to be discovered... 
Fitness key for the Bongerd - Rose-Marie Koning
'Though I haven't used it very often, it is still a symbol of student sporting life in Wageningen.' 
Bunker tokens - Sara de Groot
'For the many wild parties in the Bunker, particularly in the first few years of my degree course. When I was at Erasmus I suddenly found a bunker token. It brought me a big smile and nostalgic memories of those Wageningen parties.'
A big serving spoon - Mario di Florio, Italy
'As a student you have to cook for yourself, and for others. You learn new recipes and make time for the things that are really important.'
Compost - Marie Mouihi, France
'Compost represents the idea of recycling. Rich soils are also synonymous with a rich future and sustainability. '
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho - Emmanouil Tsatsatis, Greece
'This book has inspired me a lot. You can read it when you are fifteen and understand it. It tells you that if you want something very much you will eventually attract it. It is a book that can give inspiration to future generations.'

Berimbau - Heitor Teixeira, Brazil
'When I feel sad and miss my country I play the berimbau. This is a typical Brazilian instrument and it is played at capoeira performances. It is said that when you play the berimbau, you connect with the ancient spirits.'
My bike - Kleoniki Kipourou , Greece
'You can't survive without a bicycle in the Netherlands. It's as essential as food. I'm living in Renkum so I really need it. It's very different from what I'm used to in Greece. In big cities in Greece there's no infrastructure for cycling.'
Skype - Alexandra Hiscox, UK
'I'm away from home in Wageningen, but when I'm in Kenya for research I also use Skype. I use the webcam to see my nephews and family. I could also buy a simcard, but this is free and I can see my family.'

My Disney Films - Lisanne Verschuren
'I am addicted to Disney movies. In my student house Aurora we regularly watch Disney films, and at birthdays we all put on crowns. There are six of us living together, all girls.'
My preserved brains - Ron van de Water
'All my knowledge and memories are in there, everything I have ever experienced. The best parties, trivia about meadow birds... everything.'
Midweek pass for public transport - Billy Scaf
'For when it rains.'
Smartphone with Facebook and Whatsapp - Jip Vrooman
'Sometimes I use it too much, but I am always fully up to date on the upcoming parties.'
Pien, the house cat at student house De Boerderie - Daniel Platvoet and Peter Sloot
'That way we'll be rid of her. Now she just poops in front of your door, and... she exists. She doesn't need much food. Just dry cat food, and every now and then she gets some fried sponge [tofu, ed.].
Poster of Cafeteria 't Passantje - Petertje van Grunsven
'If it wasn't for 't Passantje I wouldn't be alive today.'
A Chinese Student - Melle Ykema
'A lot of Chinese study here, and they are super good at karaoke. I discovered that recently at a party on my corridor. A really fantastic evening.'
Skinned rabbit - Joke ter Stege
'That's what was in our sink at the Walstraat recently. It belonged to a housemate. He was even going to clean the skin and use it for something. Gross.'