Organisation - February 2, 2016

Three quarters of Christmas gift cards cashed

Koen Guiking

Almost five thousand employees had ordered their Christmas gift by the 1st of February, with the gift card they received from Wageningen UR late last year. Vouchers seem to be people's favourite gift choice.

Ten percent of the employees traded their gift card for a voucher of Another 5 percent selected a beauty and perfume voucher, and 3,5 percent chose a voucher for an experience to be purchased at These are the three most popular gifts from the web shop so far. On the fourth and fifth place respectively are headphones with bluetooth and a ceramic wok pan.

It is also possible to donate the Christmas gift (worth 30 euro) to a charity. Until now 205 employees (4 percent) have done this. By far the most popular good cause is the Anne van den Ban Fund, which grants scholarships to talented students from developing countries to study in Wageningen. The fund already received 137 donations.

More than 1700 gift cards have not been cashed yet. The vouchers are valid until the 31st of March 2016.

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  • Peter

    A lot of people just didn't receive their card, there is a serious problem with the company in charge.

  • Paul Companje

    ik kreeg een herinnering maar heb geen wur e-mailadres meer hoe kan ik als nog bestellen ?

  • henk franssen

    heb op 22 december mijn bon verzilverd, maar tot nu toe nog geen cadeau ontvangen!