Organisation - March 27, 2020

This is how I work from home: Koos Nijssen

Tessa Louwerens

WUR is working en masse from home. There’s no choice for now. And we are all making do. Koos Nijssen, functional application administrator at WUR Library shares his experiences.

© Koos Nijssen

‘I kind of saw it coming so I took my laptop and an extra screen home last Thursday. I’ve got my own study at home and that works well, in spite of the fact that the internet in the countryside is not superfast, at seven MB per second. We live in an old farmhouse in the village of Elst, which we have done up completely over the past seven years. The triangles on the wall are made of foam rubber and absorb sound. Otherwise it echoes.

My wife has gone to work. She works in the payroll department in the healthcare sector. The staff there are divided into two groups: the “clean” workers, who work at home, and the “dirty” ones, who work at the office. I’m not joking – that’s what they call them. I’ve been teasing my wife about it.

I must say, I find it very quiet alone at home. At the office I like having a bit of bustle around me, and being able to have a chat. But the dogs and horses are here. In my break I walk the dogs, which my daughter would do otherwise. And on the plus side: the Nespresso is a lot better than the coffee from the machine.’

This is the third part of a series on working from home during the corona crisis. The editorial staff calls a WUR colleague every day to find out how things are going. The illustration is (of course) a selfie or a snapshot taken by a housemate. Would you like to participate? Mail or share via #WURkfromHOME.