Organisation - March 25, 2020

This is how I work at home: Carl Timler

Tessa Louwerens

WUR is working en masse from home. There’s no choice for now. Kitchens, attics and living rooms have become temporary offices. Remember myWURspace? Well, now it’s myHOMEspace! And we are all making do. Carl Timler, teacher Farming Systems Ecology tells us how it's working out.

© Carl Timler

Carl Timler, lecturer in Farming Systems Ecology

‘Working at home is going pretty well. We have a daughter of four and a son of seven. They are getting home schooling now. Only, if they are in the same room they distract each other too much. So we have turned my office into a classroom for my son as well. That is going very well and this morning he concentrated on his work for two hours in a row. I think we inspire each other. My wife does crafts with our daughter and she also still works two mornings week in a pharmacy in Ede.

We have turned my office into a classroom for my son as well

I am doing my own teaching on Zoom, which is a very handy application for meetings. It’s a bit like Skype but you can see a lot of people at the same time in a group chat. Students can ask questions, put up their hands, and chat. We can see what they’ve written and respond if they get stuck. Our group has bought three licenses, and we use one of them for our own team consultations, seminars and colloquia, and two for our teaching.’

This is the first part of a series on working from home during the corona crisis. The editorial staff calls a WUR colleague every day to find out how things are going. The illustration is (of course) a selfie or a snapshot taken by a housemate. Would you like to participate? Mail or share via #WURkfromHOME.