Student - March 27, 2020

Thirsty? Zzinga does home deliveries of honey cider

Luuk Zegers

Student entrepreneur Fabian Lindner (the prime mover behind the honey-based drink Zzinga) was preparing for a busy spring when the coronavirus crisis struck and all catering outlets were closed.

‘We wanted to make sure people got the chance to enjoy our drink, so we have had a lot of it brewed recently,’ says Lindner. ‘We mainly sell it to bars and restaurants, so the fact that they’ve closed now is a big challenge for us. We had to come up with a way of selling 6000 bottles in the coming month.’

Lindner and his team put their heads together (at a safe distance) and decided to open a webshop. ‘In the coming weeks we will be distributing flyers in Wageningen and asking our friends to spread the news. Hopefully, we can deliver our honey cider to all the people in quarantine!’

Six-packs and crates of Zzinga can be ordered from the website.

The webshop is at:

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  • E.A.Zwijnenburg

    Graag als het vandaag kan wil ik een sixpack.
    Mijn adres Thijsselaan 66 Wageningen Hoog

  • M. De Lange

    ik heb een folder van jullie in de bus gekregen en wil wel proberen hoe het smaakt.
    Mijn adres is Bassecour 59 6701 EB Wageningen