News - December 7, 2004

Thesis writing workspace

The quality of office space for students working on their thesis will remain a problem at the Animal Sciences Group for the coming few years.

The Animal Sciences Group does not have enough money to do anything to improve the situation, according to Rector Speelman’s report on the discussions between the Sciences Group management and the Executive Board. Most Sciences Groups do not have enough room to provide final-year students with office space for writing up their theses, and the furniture is often not up to standard. The Sciences Groups are responsible for workspace for both students and staff. The Student Council had asked Speelman to speak to the Sciences Groups on their behalf, but Speelman is not about to provide extra money to help. The Plant Sciences Group say they will have improved things within two years. The Social Sciences Group say the matter will be solved once the renovations to De Leeuwenborch are complete. At Environmental Sciences there are no problems, according to the management.