News - January 16, 2018

Theatre show 'Getekend' sparks interest

This week, fifty students and staff will audition for a role in the play Getekend (Marked). Ten of them will be given a role and will take to the stage at Junushoff theatre in May.

Students and employees could sign up for the auditions until the beginning of december
Didi de Vries

The play is to be performed as part of the centennial of WUR. Auditions for Getekend will be held on Tuesday and Thursday this week. Ten lucky candidates will be given a role in the play. 'I am really happy with this many candidates’, says director Albert van Andel. 'Unfortunately I can only give ten people a role.'

Getekend is about a group of students during the Second World War who are forced to make an impossible decision between declaring their loyalty to the German occupiers and continuing their studies or being sent to a German work camp. Playwright Reinier Noordzij was inspired by the book Loyaliteit in Verdrukking (Loyalty in Oppression) by Onno Sinke.

The four leading roles in Getekend will be played by professional actors, including Sven Bijma and Melissa Drost, both of whom performed in the musical Soldaat van Oranje ('Soldier of Orange'). Drost currently plays Sjors Langeveld in the Dutch television soap opera Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden.

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