News - December 15, 2011

‘The queue kept growing...'

Who? Lisette Feijen, first year MSc student in Public Health and president of WSKOV, the Wageningen student choir and orchestra
What? Organized the Christmas concerts last weekend
Why? Tickets for the Friday concert were sold out; for the Saturday concert, almost

Sold out! Did that surprise you?
‘We had advised many people to make reservations, so we could see beforehand that it would be pretty full. But we had not expected it to be that full. Both on Friday in the Aula and on Saturday in the church, we had to delay the start because people were still waiting to get inside. The queue at the church went all the way across the square, right up to the shops.'

Was the tension extra high?
‘You're always nervous before a performance; you hope that everything will go well. The Aula was completely jam-packed and the balcony as well. A full hall like that emits a lot of energy; you want to put on a really good show together for all those people. We were under stress beforehand. The queue kept growing. We were worried that there wouldn't be enough room for everyone.'

Why do you think it was so popular?
‘The Christmas concerts have always been better attended than the spring concerts anyway, but it hasn't been like this for years. We did do a lot of promotion this year, via websites, concert calendars, Facebook, companies and posters. This year, we had four small performances by soloists. Perhaps these appealed more to people than one big symphony.'