News - September 14, 2018

The largest festival on campus ever this Saturday: #WUR100FEST

Luuk Zegers

This Saturday, WUR will celebrate its centenary with a grand festival. Susanne Laven of the #WUR100FEST organisation looks ahead: ‘I get a lot of positive vibes; I think people are looking forward to it.’

© Marte Hofsteenge

Tents have been popping up on campus; the preparations for Saturday are in full swing. And it is necessary, as thousands of visitors are expected to come, says Susanne Laven, Communications Advisor and organiser of #WUR100FEST. ‘We have had over a thousand registrations through the website, and four thousand people are following the Facebook event. There is an overlap, obviously, but many people will also bring their partners and children. An exact estimation is therefore difficult. And the weather will also play a part, of course, but the forecast for Saturday still looks good.’ A lot is possible capacity-wise. ‘The campus offers more than enough space. But if you want to attend one of the performances inside, it would be sensible to get there on time. There is usually only a limited amount of space for the inside activities. If it’s outside, there should not be any problem, as you can always join.’

The target audience is very broad: students, staff, including their partners and children. That’s an age range from new-born to retired. How do you create a programme for all these people?

‘We decided to make this into a real festival. With many different stages, to let people choose their own programme. Some time ago, we asked: “Who would like to perform during our festival?” We received so many great and diverse reactions that we were able to assemble around sixty acts. There is something for everyone. And there is someone connected to WUR in each act. I hope that everyone can see someone on stage whom they know.’

What would you consider to be the highlights of the programme?

‘What I really find awesome is that we have an Italian folk-rock band, who drove all the way to Wageningen just for us. C'esco e musicanti di brahma. They are supposed to be really good. They will play in the Orion amphitheatre. But I don’t really have a single highlight: the diversity makes it so amazing. In the afternoon, there will be movies, theatre plays, lectures, and many activities for children too. From seven o’clock, there will be music on pretty much each stage, so you can go all out.’

Access is free, but food and drinks will have to be paid for, of course. Do you have any advice for visitors who have limited funds?

‘If you really enjoy ice cream, you should get here in the afternoon, as there will be free organic ice cream between 15:00 and 15:30. And then, we will have a happy hour from 17:00 to 18:30: the Hoppy 100 Years beer will only cost one euro instead of two. And the prices of food and drinks will be lower than at a regular festival.’

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