News - April 30, 2015

The largest clothes in the world

A friend and I went shopping in Ede during the Christmas sales when all the stores were full of discounts. But interestingly, it has never taken me so long to do some shopping. For nearly six hours we checked out all the shops in the street and still I could not find any clothes in my size. The sizes started from medium and ended at extra-extra-extra-large. I thought to myself: what giants am I living amongst?

During that shopping experience it became very clear to me that I am living amongst some of the tallest and biggest people in the world. Luckily for my friend and me, we eventually found some small sized stuff from a Turkish textile shop. We were really happy to find it.

Normally, I would already be waiting for the summer sales by now. But the situation in Ede made me realise I should instead save my money to shop in my home city, Tashkent in Uzbekistan. It is no fun to watch people who are enjoying their shopping trying on clothes that are suitable for them. I wish those lucky people nice shopping.

Comparing the Netherlands to Uzbekistan, we do have tall and big people in my country, but we also take the needs of small people into account. Clothing is quite cheap as well, as anyone can hire a tailor in Uzbekistan. Besides, many girls can sew a dress for themselves from a material called “atlas” which is full of rainbow colors and looks really beautiful.. Avazkhuja Akbarkhujaev

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