Student - February 19, 2017

‘The first thing I did here was to try to ride a bike’

Madhura Rao

Master’s and exchange students who embark on their Wageningen degree programmes in February are being welcomed and shown around this week during the Winter AID. Resource talked to three participants. Today Su Sarkar, exchange student of Plant Sciences from Turkey.

Photo: Sven Menschel

‘I am a third year Bachelor’s student and I will be in Wageningen for five months. During my time here as an exchange student, I will be following various courses like Plant Breeding, Gene Technology, and Entomology. I’m really excited about starting my course and I can’t wait to see the labs and the research facilities because I’ve heard so much about them.

Before arriving here, I hadn’t set my expectations too high. I was pleasantly surprised to see how amazing the university actually is. I thought it would be smaller but I’ve come to realise that it has several complexes all around the town. I’m glad Wageningen University turned out to be so much more than I had hoped.

I have studied away from my home university before but this is my first time in the Netherlands so I intend to travel as much as I can during my stay here. I want to make the most of my time and hopefully pick up a little bit of Dutch.

I’ve been here only for a couple of days and the first thing I did was to try to ride a bike. The last time I rode one was when I was around five years old so it’s quite a challenge, but I’m sure I’ll be back on track real soon.’