Student - February 17, 2017

‘The campus is so green and wellmaintained’

Madhura Rao

Master’s and exchange students who embark on their Wageningen degree programmes in February are being welcomed and shown around this week during the Winter AID. Resource talked to three participants. Today Jonnas Sommer from Germany, Master’s student of Forest and Nature Conservation.

Photo: Sven Menschel

‘I will be doing my Master’s in Forest and Nature Conservation here at Wageningen University. I’ve been around a week now and I really love the campus because it is so green and well maintained. I brought my bike along from Germany and I’ve been around most of the town already. It’s small but quite beautiful.

I am extremely impressed with how well organised the Winter AID is. Back at the university
where I did my Bachelor’s, the introduction programme usually lasted only for a day or at the most two. This university’s introduction programme is at a different level all together! All the activities are so inclusive and so much fun. I have the best group and mentor. Quite literally, because we won Winter AID 2017! Oh, and have you met our mascot yet?

About my expectations, I am hoping for a comprehensive and well-structured study programme. I already know that people from several different countries study and work here
together. I’m really looking forward to meeting people from different parts of the world and am hoping that I have the chance to showcase my work on an international platform.’