News - March 12, 2015

The Spot wants to be more of a livingroom

As of 16 March, The Spot will be staying open longer. Orion’s cafe
will be closing at ten p.m. instead of eight p.m.

Lots of activities are  planned for the first week of longer  opening hours. It was the university  that decided on this change. Annemarie  de Vries, Orion’s location  manager, says The Spot’s main  function is to serve as a ‘living room’  where students can chill out. She  noticed there was a need, especially  among international students, for  somewhere at the university to go to  in the evening after lectures. Xboxes,  table-tennis tables and board  games have been put in The Spot to  create a living room feel. The student  committee is now looking at  further possible changes that could  give the place even more of a homely,  welcoming atmosphere.