Student - May 10, 2016

The Bunker reopens tonight

Linda van der Nat

The Dijkgraaf pub will open tonight. At the end of February The Bunker was closed after a party got out of hand. The board made a new start and is going to maintain a tighter compliance to the rules.

In a mail to the residents of Dijkgraaf the board says that in the past weeks they sat down with Idealis and looked for point of improvements.

Idealis wanted more concrete policies on the ground of points in the user agreement. The board will check more strictly that The Bunker is only opened for Idealis residents. The student cards of the guests will be checked.

The board of The Bunker wants to create the ‘ideal drinking location’. The pool table will return, there is a dartboard and the lighting will be adjusted to project a calmer atmosphere. During sport events the competitions will be projected with a beamer ‘to create the old school, pleasant, living room atmosphere. Around twelve o’clock the lighting and music will be adjusted to nightlife ambience which the party students of The Bunker are used to.

The reopening is celebrated with a discount campaign. ‘To compensate for all the party evenings you had to miss during the time we were closed, you can buy three beers for the price of one on 10 May’, according to the mail sent to the Dijkgraaf residents.

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  • Jasper

    Beste lezer,

    Ik ben woonachtig in Nijmegen, en ben zo nu en dan wel eens door de weeks thuis thuis in wageningen. Studeren op de Wur doe ik hellaas niet,en ik vind de bunker een fijne tent. Mag ik mijn mijn nijmeegse studenten pas naar binnen, of is het exlcusief voor de wur?