News - August 14, 2019

The AID approaches. But where is the tent? And what is that sandbox doing there?

Luuk Zegers

This Friday will mark the start of the Annual Introduction Days in Wageningen, but the familiar tent on campus is nowhere to be seen. ‘That's right: it won’t be here this year’, explains AID chair Femke van der Wolde. However, there is a sort of large sandbox: a campus beach.

The campus beach proves to be an excellent spot to read Resource. © Luuk Zegers

‘For this edition, we chose to have a festival site instead of a single large tent’, Van der Wolde says. ‘That sandbox will be a beach to chill on.’ So no beach volleyball but a nice place to hang out.

There are other differences with previous AIDs, according to the chair. For example, the opening party has been switched for a game evening during which AID groups will get to know each other. There will also be a single big cantus – drinking and singing – this year, instead of separate cantuses for bachelor’s and master’s students. ‘That wouldn’t fit in the tent anyway. Some of the students would have to remain outside during the cantus, and that just won’t do.’

In case of rain
The weather reports for the coming days are not particularly positive. The NOS even reports that tickets for Lowlands, Latin Village and other festivals can be found at a fraction of the original price (article in Dutch) on Ticketswap and Marktplaats: people are afraid that the festival will (quite literally) need rain checks.

The cantus will get you wet anyhow. © Marte Hofsteenge
The cantus will get you wet anyhow. © Marte Hofsteenge

‘We obviously hope for good weather, but we have conceived a special programme in case of rain, just to be sure’, says Sophie Visser of the AID crew. ‘If we get heavy rainfall during the street theatre, we will move it to the Junushoff theatre, where it will continue. The sports market can be moved to the Forum building. And if the weather turns bad during Crazy 88 (an activity in which AID groups will carry out assignments in the city and get to know Wageningen in a playful way, ed.), some assignments will be dropped, but others can continue without any problem. That way, we always have an alternative at the ready.’ Of course, the cantus will continue if it rains, unless the weather report predicts heavy storms. ‘It doesn’t matter whether it rains during the cantus, as it will get you wet anyhow.’

‘We will take it one day at a time’, Visser continues. ‘And if necessary, we will switch to the rain programme. The word will be spread among AID participants through a push message in the AID app.’

A spot on the campsite
As with other festivals that last several days, students can camp out during the AID. Although this is primarily meant to offer first-year students who don’t have a place to stay the opportunity to remain in Wageningen during the introduction week. At the time of writing, 150 of the 250 places have been reserved. It seems that the remaining one hundred spots will suffice to meet demands, but if it proves necessary, there is room to expand.

The AID starts on Friday 16 August and lasts until Wednesday 21 August.

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