Student - November 26, 2015

Thank-you reception for André

Twan van der Slikke

He was Teacher of the Year in 2010, was nominated for the award on several other occasions and has been one of Wageningen UR’s best teachers for years. And now, after 40 years, plant cell biology lecturer André van Lammeren is retiring. Reason enough for students to put on a celebration for their cherished teacher. So they held a thank-you reception in Annie’s Kroeg, the Asserpark flats pub.

Photo: Aart-Jan van de Glind

The students will ‘really miss’ their favourite lecturer, says Lisa Nieuwboer of B.V.W. Biologica study association, which organized the party. ‘He’s a fantastic teacher ‑ always so enthusiastic, whatever he’s teaching. He talks about the plants as if they were his own children.’

Van Lammeren will continue to work for the university for a while on ongoing research projects and courses. Thank goodness for that, says one of the students. ‘Every time I see him, he says hello and gives me a smile.’

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  • Tijmen

    André, je bent een topper. Enorm bedankt!

    En als voetnoot: Als er voldoende ruimte was in Annies om de andere studies er ook bij te passen, dan waren die er ook geweest, dat verdient André namelijk.

  • Mirjam

    André Bedankt!